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The Zovighian Partnership


September 2022 - March 2023


The project aims to advance and lead the social and economic potential of 90 Lebanese citizens and Syrian refugees (all-inclusive) located in Beirut with a special focus on Karantina, Medawar, Burj Hammoud, Gemmayze, and Mar Mikhael areas. The coalition adopts an organic and needs-driven approach and proposes a combination of hard skills workshops related to beauty care, macramé, and knitting and soft skills workshops related to entrepreneurship, basic computer skills, financial reporting, and civil rights.

The main project goals are:
1- Conduct a series of workshops for women constituents to become makeup specialists, nails and eyebrows specialists, or knitting specialists in an attempt to create an immediate and sustainable income generating stream.

2- Increase the literacy and numeracy skills of women constituents through a series of workshops related to financial reporting, entrepreneurship, and marketing in addition to English and computer literacy classes.

3-Enhance the knowledge and understanding of target constituents on civil rights.

This project builds upon the knowledge and expertise of both coalition partners to provide holistic and needs driven solutions to existing problems and ensure an ultimate benefit from the proposed program.

Main Topics
  • Public Life
  • Independence
  • Women
  • Local Development

In partnership with Borderless NGO

This project is supported by The Zovighian Partnership