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March 2022 - July 2022


This project aims to raise awareness on Violence Against women in Politics (VAWP) on its detrimental effects with the contribution of the targeted groups, including potential perpetrators. For this, Madanyat, in cooperation with Maharat, will work to build the capacities of diverse groups to raise awareness and propose realistic scenarios to mitigate VAMP through discussion and role playing. Madanyat will organize a series of focus groups with recruited targeted groups and potential perpetrators. The gender expert, who has already collaborated with Madanyat in publishing a handbook to counter VAWP, (Chebaro. A. (2021)). Sawtna: Defying violence against Women in Politics), will provide advice from a gender perspective on the development of the questionnaire and will gather the findings of the discussions to be compiled in draft document. A social media campaign will accompany the implementation of the project and a closing event will be launched to disseminate the findings.

Main Topics
  • Rights
  • Politics
  • Society
  • Women
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