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February 2023 - July 2024


Our initiative aims to encourage young women and men to advocate for the inclusion of gender equality measures in policymaking, public and political life. Because of the importance we attach to educational institutions in the upbringing of generations and the effective role of syndicates in changing processes, we will collaborate with 3 universities (faculties of Law), 2 syndicates (Beirut Bar Association and Tripoli Bar Association) and 3 political parties. A simplified gender audit will be conducted in each targeted institution to better understand the obstacles hindering women’s access to decision-making positions and know more about the main gaps to be filled. We will also present to each institution a clear and simple strategy along with tailored recommendations, in order to strengthen the role and leadership of women within them.
In addition, we will establish gender focal points in these institutions to liaise with women-led NGOs and facilitate meetings with marginalized and vulnerable communities to ensure the involvement of everyone and maintain all communities’ interest and involvement.

Main Topics
  • Women in Key Institutions
  • Gender Equality
  • Gender Lens
  • Policy Making

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