“Women Decision Makers” is a Women in Front (WIF) project, funded by the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), aiming to reinforce the role of women in the public and political life. This project is comprised of two phases:

Phase 1: Identifying, selecting and strengthening the skills of 120 Lebanese independent and politically affiliated women to hold public and decision making positions.

Phase 2: Selecting 25 final participants who will undergo an in-depth training of enhancing their knowledge for political participation.


  • Enhance women’s knowledge of the political life and strengthen their leadership capacities.
  • Increase the representation of women throughout all levels of political offices in Lebanon.
  • Instate a proactive role for women in political parties.
  • Provide the participants with online guidance and easy access to information.


  1. Identify non-partisan and politically affiliated active women interested to enroll in the project.
  2. Organize them into groups attending 3 days of training on relevant topics to strengthen their skills for political participation.
  3. Select 25 final participants based on their political program to address specific national issues.
  4. Conduct 6 days of in-depth training, for the final 25 participants covering different topics.
  5. Provide the participants with a digital platform for online guidance, updated information and statistics for electoral procedures
Main Topics
  • Women
  • Politics
  • Elections