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July 2021 - June 2022


Through the REVIVE project, Madanyat in partnership with Ondes, aim to ensure meaningful participation and representation of women and to change the attitudes and perceptions about gender equality and active participation of women. Through the establishment of a women committee in Bourj Hamoud and one in Sin El Fil and a joint steering committee for both areas, the project will empower and enable increased representation and participation in formal and informal local planning, decision making and peacebuilding efforts that are undertaken by municipalities and other stakeholders. Furthermore, the women committees will plan and lead on several initiatives reaching out to other vulnerable women and communities. The project will establish a women hub that will be an enabling environment that enhances women's meaningful participation and engagement in decision making through the needs identified in a women led and targeted needs assessment. Women committees will primarily lead implementation of a serious of discussion topics in the form of Political Café. The Political Café aim to address many of the controversial political issues around women's political participation, women giving nationality to their children and personal status law amongst others. Th Political Café will also be regularly held to address various topics such as decentralization, elections, civil state, accountability, disability and inclusion amongst other topics. The women committees will also incorporate topics emerging as part of the political campaigning for the municipal elections and even parliamentary elections if planned around the time of the project to raise awareness of women and ensure their voices are heard.

Main Topics
  • Women
  • Empowerment
  • Politics
  • Society

This project is supported by WPHF with technical support of UNWomen